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December 4, 2013

The Sparrow Fund

Special help for injured wildlife and companion animals

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Wendy, a 4-month-old rescued fawn, suffered from joint infections that were preventing normal growth. She needed intensive treatments and surgery, and the Sparrow Fund stepped in. Dara Reid/Wildlife in Crisis

  • Wildlife in Crisis reports that Wendy's infection has healed, and she’s growing quickly, ready for winter with a thick new coat. Dara Reid/Wildlife in Crisis

  • Cat Friends found Kaumana, a feral mother cat, nursing her kittens while she had a severed leg and exposed bone. Kaumana is the Hawaiian word for “my strength,” given to the cat for her courage. Jennifer Kishimori/Cat Friends

  • The Sparrow Fund donated $1,000 for an arm amputation, and now Kaumana, fully healed, has been adopted into a forever home. Jennifer Kishimori/Cat Friends

  • Chako, the “hero pit bull,” intervened when his Richmond-area owner was the victim of a domestic assault. The attacker stabbed Chako at least 12 times. Ring Dog Rescue and Gracie's Guardians

  • When his owner couldn’t afford lifesaving treatment, Ring Dog Rescue and Gracie’s Guardians stepped in. The Sparrow Fund supplemented with another $1,000, and things look positive for Chako’s full recovery. Ring Dog Rescue and Gracie's Guardians

  • Shiloh was hungry, alone, and in need of medical care in a remote, wooded area of Mississippi. She bore scars on her face and legs, broken teeth, and a shattered bone in her leg from a gunshot wound. Hub City Humane Society

  • The Sparrow Fund supported a full recovery for this special dog, who is a gentle and loving spirit despite all her troubles. Shilo is in foster care at Hub City Humane Society. Hub City Humane Society

  • Paul was found with a choke chain embedded in his neck after his owners abandoned him. The Sparrow Fund helped support the removal of the chain, and now Paul’s recovering well in foster care. Southern Pines Animal Shelter

A special project begun by Wayne and Lisa Pacelle, the Sparrow Fund is designed to step in to care for injured pets and wildlife when no one else is equipped to do so.

A story in the Bible (Matthew 10:29) relates that not a sparrow falls without his Maker knowing. The Sparrow Fund was created in this spirit—that every life matters.

Funds donated go directly to nonprofit shelters or wildlife rehabilitation centers that provide veterinary care and other lifesaving services to animals in need.

Meet some of the animals whose lives were saved thanks to the fund, and please consider supporting the Sparrow Fund with a donation today.

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