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Farm Animal News to Note

Articles you may have missed, but shouldn't

  • A video taken during an HSUS investigation exposed troubling conditions during veal calf slaughter. The HSUS

Paul Shapiro, senior director of The HSUS' End Factory Farming Campaign, periodically updates his contacts about notable media coverage on farm animal issues.

Below are his suggestions for your reading list this week.

The "New York Times" has a great story today titled, "States Look to Ban Efforts to Reveal Farm Abuse." The whole thing is worth reading, but this part is particularly amusing: [A big ag spokesperson] "...suggested that those willing to lie on an application might go further and stage fake videos, destroy equipment or carry diseases onto farms. He could not provide any examples of those things ever occurring."

The Minneapolis NBC affiliate did a fantastic segment on the agribusiness industry's effort to keep Americans in the dark about its routine cruelty. There are also good Associated Press and "Des Moines Register" articles this week on the topic.

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