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Kind News Samples and Reviews

Sample issues and testimonials about our award-winning classroom newspaper

Sample Issues

Download sample issues of all three editions of Kind News in PDF format:

Kind News Primary (for grades K-2)
Kind News Junior (for grades 3-4)
Kind News Senior (for grades 5-6)


We receive lots of kind words about Kind News. Here are just a few of the comments from teachers, kids, parents, and sponsors.


We absolutely love Kind News. The kids and I feel inspired and informed when we read each and every article. Thank you for this quality newspaper for children. I feel so privileged to be able to share this vital information with nine- and ten-year-olds who will be responsible for our community of pets in the future. ―Melissa Brokaw, grade 4/5, Grass Valley, California

Kind News inspired my class to form a club and collect money for our county animal shelter. The club had two people come to the school to speak about animal care. The club has raised over $100 so far!―Carolyn Allison, grade 6, New Cumberland, West Virginia

Animal Rescue League volunteers who have visited our classroom say that students know more about spay/neuter and overpopulation than other classes they visit. Their knowledge comes from discussions which began as a result of Kind News articles. —Chris Jordan, grade 3, Des Moines, Iowa

I teach in a low socio-economic neighborhood where unaltered animals run rampant. We find animals at school frequently in poor condition. Many of my children are aware of dogfighting and cockfighting. Thank you for Kind News; it is helping to make a difference not only for the animals but for my students. ―Yvonne K. Marley, grade 5, Phoenix, Arizona

Read our survey results for more on what teachers think of Kind News.


Thank you so much for the Kind News. The articles are very interesting. I like animals and nature. It helps us learn about animals! I love the comics! —Melanie G., 3rd-grader, Guilford, Connecticut

It is really fun to read Kind News. It has a lot of information for us to read. I hope we will be getting more, because every kid in my class really likes it. —James M., 6th-grader, Bronx, New York

I really like Kind News because it tells you what's going on and shows cute animals. It tells you lots of cool facts, and it tells a lot about animals. My whole class loves these, and I could read them all the time. —Heather G., 4th-grader, O'Fallon, Missouri

I love getting my package of Kind News in the mail. Each time I choose a different teacher and class to give my subscription to, but I get to keep one copy for myself! Kind News helped my class when we did a nature walk, a report on spiders, and with projects on recycling, animals, and even dirt on our Earth. Every kid loves animals so all kids love Kind News. It's the best. Keep up the good work! Savannah W., 3rd-grader, Edgewood, Maryland

Kind News makes me a better pet owner and friend to the environment. —Whitney L., 5th-grader, Valley Center, California


Kind News is a great tool to help teach kids about our responsibility towards animals and ways we can help them. My daughter is writing a letter to the prime minister of Canada about seal hunting. I hope this is the first of many letters she will write to speak out for animals. Thanks for the ideas! —Erin Oldford, parent, Fenton, Michigan

I enjoy every part of your magazine. My daughter and I learn a lot of facts together! Keep up the good work! —Laurie McCarty, parent, Lakewood, California

I appreciate the informational articles for my children. My child enjoys reading your publication and participating in the questions and comments areas. She also enjoys learning about how other children around the country think. —Jodi Hermes, parent, North Aurora, Illinois


Humane education is an important step toward making life better for animals. It's the key to solving problems like pet overpopulation and animal abuse. To my thinking, kids have to be taught to be Kind. Kind News helps them teach kindness to animals and to people. We've participated in the Adopt-a-Classroom program since 1983. We just love it! Our goal is to double the number of classrooms we've adopted. The teachers love sharing Kind News with their students. They make it part of their curriculum. I'm really excited about that. —Kappy Munzer, Executive Director, Citizens for Animal Protection, Houston, Texas

As a municipal animal care and control agency, we're concerned with public safety, animal rescue, and promoting responsible pet ownership. Kind News mirrors our mission. When I enter a classroom where the kids read Kind News, I know those students have an understanding of basic animal protection issues even before I get there. That gives me a strong foundation to build on, so that everything I teach them above and beyond Kind News reinforces concepts they've already learned. If you're reading this thinking, "I don't have money to participate in the Adopt-a-Classroom program," well, I didn't either. I have no budget for anything except my salary, but I found that Kind News gave me a way to tap into the money in my community. When I received a grant, I was able to get Kind News to everyone who wanted it. This year we had 625 orders! —Peggy Bender, Humane Education Specialist, Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Our school teachers LOVE your newspaper and the kids are learning so much from the classroom activities!! I feel our school is very fortunate to have the opportunity to utilize a tool such as Kind News in the classroom at the different grade levels. Learning the importance of our environment and the effect we can have on animals is a life skill to be nurtured, and your newsletter sets an exemplary way of delivering those lessons in a fun and innovative way. The kids are anticipating the next issue. Thanks again for all you do! Rebecca Durham, PTA President, Trice Elementary School, Texarkana, Arkansas

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