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Humane Worksheets for Teachers

Teach about animals and cover major subject matter with our free printable worksheets for grades K-6

dog and girl


Use our free downloadable worksheets to teach students in grades K-6 about animals and animal issues while also covering the major subject areas. Designed to supplement the articles and activities in each issue of Kind News, each worksheet can also stand alone. 

We also offer a variety of humane lesson plans for all grade levels, as well as suggestions for service-learning activities that can be done in or out of the classroom.


Primary (Grades K-2)

Which Ones Are Wild? - Young students will decide which animals are wild, and learn why it matters.

Shark Dive - Test students' knowledge about sharks.

Make a Prairie Dog! - Students will need scissors, crayons, and glue or tape for this activity.

The Coast is Clear - Students will learn which animals live in coastal habitats, and draw them on a scene of the beach.

Found on the Farm - Through a farm animal word search, students will learn one thing that all animals deserve.

Animal Connection - Students will find out one thing that all animals have in common. Use around Earth Day or anytime you're teaching a unit on the environment. 

Picture-Perfect Pickup - Students can search the park for litter and learn why we need to keep the environment clean. 

Secret Shapes - Use this activity to dispel some common myths about a farm animal who is more sensitive, gentle, and intelligent than many people realize. 

From the Birds - Thank a bird-lover for feeding the birds. Students will need crayons and scissors for this art activity.

See Who's in the Sea - Use this worksheet to encourage students to respect vital habitats, such as oceans.

Thank You - Give students practice in writing skills while reviewing basic pet needs.

Pick Out the Pet - Use this worksheet to remind students that wild animals are not appropriate pets.

Habitat Happiness - Children tempted to catch tadpoles and frogs? Use this worksheet to emphasize that wild animals belong in the wild.

Junior and Senior (Grades 3-6)

A Tale of Two Critters - Give students a chance to view a human/animal conflict from different perspectives while giving them practice in critical thinking and creative writing. Students' answers will vary.

Shark Circle (grades 3-4) and  Shark Smarts (grades 5-6) - Test students' knowledge of sharks.

Prairie Dog Code - Students will use a code to discover interesting facts about the fascinating prairie dog.

A Number of Facts about Chickens - Students will decode interesting facts about chickens.

Endangered Species Match and Save - Through a fill-in-the-blank matching exercise, students will learn why certain animals have become endangered.

Caring 100% - By practicing fractions, students will learn why it's important to leave wildlife alone. Use this worksheet in the spring when baby animals are being born. 

Table It - Students will practice reasoning and comprehension skills by helping a club organize their benefit bake sale.

Pets 4 Life - By solving this rebus puzzle, students will learn why pets are a lifetime commitment.

Remembering Keiko - Students will practice comprehension and establishing a timeline by reading about beloved orca Keiko and why marine mammals belong in their natural habitats. 

Help These Pets Find Forever Homes! - This worksheet will give students practice in writing skills while reviewing basic pet needs and the problem of homeless pets.

Pets Aplenty - Students will practice logic and math skills as well as get an eye-opening lesson about pet overpopulation.

Beach Cleanup: The Dirty Dozen - Students will find out the 12 most common trash items found during beach cleanups. Perfect to use in September for International Coastal Clean-up Day.

The Saltwater Life - Through a word search, students will identify some of the many ocean animals damaged by pollution.

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