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Dissection Campaign Packet

Materials to help students and teachers cut out dissection

Although most students believe they should have a choice or alternative when it comes to animal dissection, only 11 states have laws requiring student choice. Our Dissection Campaign Packet materials (below) are designed to help students and teachers make student choice a reality in their school, district, or state.

Cutting Dissection: Coming Together to Secure an Alternative, a free online course from Humane Society University, covers dissection, its alternatives, current laws and policies, and more.

Problems with Dissection lists the humane, social, pedagogical and environmental problems with dissection.

Dissection: Want to Know a Simple Way to Say No Way? This pamphlet explains the dissection issue in a nutshell, and helps students get ideas for proceeding with a campaign to change things at his or her school.

To Harm Or Not To Harm This brochure helps college-level students obtain an education in accordance with his or her moral and ethical beliefs by presenting information on how to implement alternatives at the college or university level.

Student Choice in Biology Education is a guide on why and how to create a student choice policy at any school.

Dissection vs. Alternatives: A Cost Comparison compares the costs of dissection materials and three different dissection alternatives (the cat, fetal pig and bullfrog) over a three-year period.

Dissection vs. Alternatives: Comparative Studies is a list of scientific references that demonstrate that students learn the material as well as, if not better than, students who dissect animals.

Attitudes Toward Dissection is an annotated list of studies that show both teachers' and students' opinions on the use of animals in the classroom and the use of alternatives.

Campaign for Dissection Choice Flowchart maps out the steps a student should take when dissection is being taught and the student wants to perform an alternative assignment.

Existing Dissection Choice Laws is a listing of all states that have student choice laws or policies.

The Use of Animals in Higher Education: Problems, Alternatives and Recommendations is a book written by Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D., that encompasses all of the issues and facts surrounding the use of animals at all levels of education. The book can be purchased or downloaded for free.

Dissection Alternatives: A List of Websites lists websites of organizations that have alternative loan programs or searchable alternatives databases, as well as websites that allow virtual dissections of a variety of species.

Humane Science Projects gives teachers or students ideas for science fairs or other independent science projects that don't involve the harmful use of animals. Teachers find it a highly useful resource.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor or to a PTA provides helpful hints on getting your message to a greater number of people. Sample letters are provided.

Sarah Lawrence College Student Choice Policy is an example of a student choice policy at the college level for college students to use as a reference for writing a student choice policy at his or her college or university.

Student Choice in Your State: A Lobbying Guide is an excellent guide to help you pass a law in your state that will protect students who wish to use an alternative to dissection.

These materials will assist you whether you are working on your own or with others in mounting a campaign to either replace dissection with humane alternatives at your school, or enact policies granting students the right to choose humane alternatives to dissection. They will also help you to foster public awareness about the problems inherent in killing animals for education. 

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