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From Nose to Tail: Lessons to Inspire Care and Compassion for Dogs

New elementary curriculum explores dog-related humane issues with a focus on puppy mills

  • Photo by Amie Chou/The HSUS

Build on children's natural love for animals with From Nose to Tail: Lessons to Inspire Care and Compassion for Dogs, our new curriculum for elementary students. Designed for independent use by formal and informal educators, the five-lesson curriculum is available in two versions, one for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-5. Both explore various dog-related humane issues, with a special focus on puppy mills. 

The curriculum is aligned with National Education and Common Core Standards in science, math, language arts, health and social studies, so it can be readily incorporated into general classroom instruction. The curriculum also incorporates character education concepts such as compassion, responsibility and empathy, and features service-learning projects aimed at helping puppy mill dogs while encouraging self-efficacy and good citizenship.

From Nose to Tail is age-appropriate, engaging and flexible, so the five lessons (each requiring about one hour) may be spaced over a period of days or weeks. Topics include dogs’ basic physical, social and emotional needs, our responsibility for providing humane care for dogs, and dog bite prevention.

The curriculum uses the book A Home for Dakota, the award-winning story of a rescued puppy mill breeding dog, as well as Maggie’s Second Chance (grades 3-5) or Buddy Unchained (grades K-2).

We offer two options for accessing From Nose to Tail:

Questions? Please contact Director of Outreach and Research, Puppy Mills Campaign, at ksummers@humanesociety.org.

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