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Kids Can Help Animals through Mission: Humane!

Join singer Jackie Evancho on a mission to improve the lives of animals

  • Jackie Evancho loves all animals. That's why she's speaking up for them—and says that other kids can, too! Keith Munyan

If you've ever wanted to help animals but thought you were too young, then Mission: Humane is for you! Mission: Humane gives kids of all ages easy ways to get involved in protecting animals.

Young singer Jackie Evancho is the ambassador for Mission: Humane. She wants kids to know that you're never too young to start making a difference.

Jackie's amazing voice was first introduced last year on the TV show "America's Got Talent." Now she's using her voice to speak up for animals. She was inspired to do something after learning about the cruel Canadian seal hunt.

"I've always had a passion for seals and their beauty," Jackie says. "I was horrifed to see how the seal hunters treated them. It made me really, really sad, and I wanted to do something about it."

Earlier this year, Jackie performed at an event to help end the seal hunt. "Knowing that my voice can help seals makes me want to do more campaigns for The HSUS," Jackie tells us. That's why she's asking kids to join her in speaking up for animals through Mission: Humane.

You can take part in Mission: Humane as a club, class, or on your own. Get all the details in our Mission: Humane Action Guide, and email us at kids@humanesociety.org for more info!

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