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Kids' Mission: Save Our Seals!

Help end the Canadian seal hunt

  • Baby seals shouldn't be killed for their fur. Nigel Barker

Each year in Canada, hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals are killed for their fur. This is the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world.

When 10-year-old Martin Welych-Flanagan heard about the hunt, he created the Seal Savers Club at his school. Martin and friends made and sold bead bracelets to raise funds. The money was used to help spread the word to stop the hunt. The kids also collected 1,421 signatures on a petition and sent them off to Canada’s Prime Minister asking him to end the hunt.

 You can help too by following these steps!

Just the facts

Arm yourself with these “Fast Facts” about harp seals and the hunt:

  • Seal hunters are fishermen who earn a small amount of their money from killing baby seals for their fur.
  • In 10 years, over two million seals have been killed.
  • 97 percent of the seals killed have been less than 3 months of age. Many have not eaten their first solid meal or taken their first swim.
  • Harp seals rely on sea ice to give birth to and nurse their pups. They need to stay on the ice until the pups are strong enough to survive in open water.
  • Climate change has caused sea ice to melt on Canada’s east coast, where harp seals give birth. In 2010, ice formation was the lowest on record, putting the seals in further danger.

Take the pledge

Tell Canada’s leaders that you don’t support the hunt!  The Humane Society of the United States is urging Americans not to buy Canadian seafood until the hunt ends. Ask family and friends to sign the pledge.

You can also print a list of Canadian seafood to avoid at humanesociety.org/issues/seal_hunt/tips/canadian_seafood.html.  

Pass it on

Write a heartfelt letter to at least one grocery store or restaurant near you. Politely ask them to help protect seals by not selling Canadian seafood until the seal hunt ends (or cut down on the Canadian seafood in their coolers and menus). Go to our Resource page to print our ‘Help Protect Seals’ flier and include it when you mail or deliver your letter.

Be sure to mention that you are a student and your school and grade level. (Please focus on local stores; if you visit a chain store, they may ask you to send your letter to a main office.)

You can find stores who have already pledged not to boycott Canadian seafood at humanesociety.org/issues/seal_hunt/tips/grocery_businesses_seafood_boycott.html. If your store is on the list be sure to thank them!

Thank YOU for helping baby seals!

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