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Kids: Start a Kind Club!

  • The Canine Commandos club in Florida trains shelter pets to make them more adoptable. What would your club do to help animals? Virginia Hamilton

A Kind Club is simply a group of kids who want to make a difference. Kind kids do projects to help animals and protect the habitats they live in.

Follow these steps to get your club off and running:

● Talk to your friends, classmates, and siblings to find out who else might be interested in helping animals. For great ideas on how your club can make a difference for animals, read Kind News and join Mission: Humane.

● Ask a teacher or parent to be your club's advisor. An adult can help you organize and run your club.

● Pick a time and place to hold meet­ings. Most clubs meet with their teacher during school hours. Some meet after school.

● Start the first meeting by explaining the club’s goals. Ask new club members for their ideas on what they would like the club to achieve.

● After you have a clear idea of what you want your club to do, give it a name! Ask members to suggest a club name, then vote on it. You might even want to create a club logo—a picture or design to go with your club name.

● Decide on the first project you want to tackle, and make plans to make it happen. Members of a club have different skills and talents. If you love art, you could design posters. One member who likes to write could send letters to newspapers. Other club members might be good speakers, researchers, bookkeepers, or organizers.  

● Keep us in the loop. Once you’ve completed a project, tell us about it. Send photos and details to kindnews@humanesociety.org, or mail them to Kids Care, c/o Kind News, 1255 23rd Street, NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20037.

You may be eligible to win an animal rescuer packet and the chance to appear in Kind News or online. Good luck—we can’t wait to hear from you!