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April 21, 2010

Mo Williams: Slam Dunk for Dogs

NBA star tells elementary students why dogfighting makes him barking mad

Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player Mo Williams speaks out against dogfighting

Mo Williams

This story appeared in the April 2010 issue of KIND News, our award-winning classroom newspaper for elementary students. Spread the kindness—give a gift subscription to a student or teacher!

Basketball star Mo Williams is one of the top scorers for his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Did you know this all-star is also all about animals? Mo especially loves dogs. That’s why he contacted The Humane Society of the United States. He wants to spread the word to kids that dogs are friends, not fighters.

Best buddies

"I love dogs because they are so loyal and innocent," Mo tells us. "They don’t say a word, but they still show us their emotions."

Mo would know. He counts three dogs as members of his family. "I have two pit bulls, Capone and Merlot, and a poodle, Daisy," he says. Mo also has three young sons. Like a lot of little kids, they sometimes accidentally play too rough with the dogs. Mo knows they don’t mean to hurt them—and the dogs seem to know it too.

Caring for critters and kids

An accidental tail-pulling is one thing, but Mo doesn’t like when people purposely hurt dogs or make them fight with other dogs. "It’s not right to treat dogs that way," he says. "Dogfighting is a serious crime."

Mo reminds us that pets have the same basic needs and feelings as we do. "Make sure you treat your pets like you want to be treated. If you weren’t given food, baths, and attention, how would you feel?"

Mo is interested in giving a helping hand to people too. In 2005, he started the Mo Williams Foundation to help children in need in his home state of Mississippi. There, he holds a kids’ basketball camp and has donated time and money to a local YMCA.

Combat cruelty!

You can be like Mo! Do the Mission: Humane Combat Cruelty project to let people know that cruelty to animals is wrong. In this step-by-step project, you’ll teach others in your school and community how to recognize and safely report animal cruelty—and spread the word about the need for tough laws against it.


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