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January 20, 2011

Race to End Dogfighting

High-schooler’s 5K raises $3K to help End Dogfighting in Philadelphia

  • Morgan (third from left) turned a school project into an opportunity to help animals and people. M. McCafferty

  • More than 100 people (plus lots of dogs) walked and ran for the cause. M. McCafferty

Philadelphia student Morgan McCafferty doesn’t do anything halfway. A high school senior at the top of her class, Morgan received a school assignment to do a service learning project that would bring about some form of social change. Seizing the chance to make a meaningful impact in her community, she decided to organize a 5K race as a fundraiser for The HSUS’s End Dogfighting in Philadelphia campaign. Morgan told us more about her project.

What inspired you to do a project to benefit animals?

I am taking a class at my school called Senior Seminar. Each student is required to pick a topic and make an activist change in some area of that topic. I have always loved animals so I knew I wanted to do something with dogs, but I was not sure exactly what.

How did you learn about the End Dogfighting in Philadelphia campaign?   

While browsing through The HSUS's website, I came across the End Dogfighting campaign. I e-mailed someone who referred me to Rebecca Glenn-Dinwoodie [coordinator of the The HSUS’s End Dogfighting in Philadelphia campaign]. I was not even aware that the program had just started in Philadelphia, and it was a perfect fit.

How did you go about organizing the 5K? 

Organizing the 5K took a lot of work because I wanted to raise as much money as possible through food sales, t-shirt sales, raffles, and registration. I got companies to donate food and raffle items, and then sold the food and raffle tickets at the 5K.  Also, I designed t-shirts and sold them at the event as well.

How did you promote the event?  

I knew I wanted to have a high number of participants, so I sent out flyers in my community and school. I also contacted the local NBC News station and was featured on their Your News show.

Would you say it was a success?  

The 5K was a tremendous success. There were over 100 participants at the race and I raised almost $3,000.   

Are you involved in any other animal advocacy?

I participate in the Community Service Corporation at my school and they have an animal faction. I am also currently volunteering with the End Dogfighting campaign at the Pit Bull Training Team sessions.

Do you have any future plans for helping animals?

I have always dreamed of being a veterinarian and that is what I am going to major in when I go to college.  

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