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    Protect Wildlife

    The HSUS works to end the worst abuses in hunting and to maintain longstanding protections for animals where they already exist.

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    Bear Trophy Hunting

    U.S. hunters shoot about 33,000 bears each year—and poachers kill thousands more. In fact, bears are a favorite target for trophy hunters the world over. Some states even allow unsporting bear baiting, hounding (cruel to bears and dogs), and spring hunts, which can orphan cubs to die slowly.

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    We work in Hawaii to support animal welfare legislation, fight cruelty, respond to animals in danger, and engage like-minded citizens to promote animal protection.

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    Humane Law Enforcement Awards Index Page

    Humane Law Enforcement Awards

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    All Issues

    The Humane Society of the United States works to solve pressing animal welfare issues.

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    Poaching is a deadly crime against wildlife. Wildlife officials say that legal hunters kill tens of millions of animals every year. For each of those animals, another is killed illegally, perhaps on closed land or out of season, leaving orphaned young to starve. Few poachers are caught or punished.

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    American black bears are generally shy animals who prefer deep woods and a diet of mostly plants. If you encounter a black bear, it’s almost always possible to make the interaction a peaceful one. Get the tools you need to coexist with bears, and see what you can do to help stop some of the cruel practices aimed at these animals.

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    We love deer for their wildness and their beauty. Yet deer are one of America’s most controversial wild animals. Success in boosting once-threatened deer populations has a flip side: people now complain about “too many deer.” We’ve got the facts on humanely managing deer populations through immunocontraception, as well as practical tips to keep deer out of your garden.

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    Wildlife Protection

    The HSUS works to protect wildlife from captive hunting, the fur trade, the exotic pet trade, Canada's commercial seal slaughter, horse slaughter, habitat loss, urbanization, and more. Join our fight to protect wildlife.

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    All Issues test

    The Humane Society of the United States works to solve pressing animal welfare issues.