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Sweet Home for Alabama Animals

HSUS's Animal Rescue team and the community join together to help rescue more than 100 dogs

Slideshow images by Kathy Milani/The HSUS


In its second animal rescue mission of 2010, The HSUS gave 108 dogs and 16 cats in rural Alabama a second chance.

An individual with the best of intentions—to save animals roaming the streets and highways of Alabama—was unable to provide them appropriate care and agreed to surrender them.

Scarred and skinny dogs were removed from crowded outdoor pens littered with feces; cats housed in small cages meowed loudly as the team approached.

Working with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, The HSUS set up an emergency shelter for the rescued animals at the GBHS shelter. A small army of shelter volunteers helped in the rescue effort.

“You see dogs who have never been touched and the first thing they do is jump on your lap. It’s part of their nature that dogs want to be loved,” said attending HSUS veterinarian Lara Cusack.

The day marked an incredible new beginning for 124 formerly hopeless animals, and offered an inspiring example of the huge impact that animal advocates can have when they band together to end suffering wherever it exists.

By nightfall, the animals were being cared for in a safe and warm place for the first time in a very long time. “All the loneliness and anything [bad] that transpired stops here. And the good stuff starts,” said Jacque Meyer of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.