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Backyard Sanctuary

Slideshow images by Kathy Milani/The HSUS

Some of the best efforts we can make to help protect wildlife take place in our own backyards.

Whether that “yard” is a single balcony or an acre of intensively planned habitat, it can be a place where the needs of wild animals are met.  Take a tour here of HSUS staffer Kathy Milani’s yard—not long ago scalped lawn and sterile landscaping in the best suburban tradition, it's now a carefully constructed refuge that provides food, water and shelter. 

Here wild animals find that, and something else critical to their survival in today’s world: human tolerance and understanding.  All are welcome, none are denied.  It is left to those who come to find their own balance and the agreements they must make between themselves. 

Some will be visitors only, in a yard too small to provide all their needs; others will be residents comfortably provided with everything they could want.  And still others will be passersby, pausing for a drink or a bath or a bit to eat before moving on. All are tolerated; none are rejected.