Together, we can end the barbaric practice of animal fighting.

Pitting animals against each other in a fight to the death for spectators often goes hand-in-hand with a wide range of criminal activity such as drug trafficking, illegal gambling and organized crime.

Fighting roosters bred for cockfighting or chicken fighting are in a backyard of a home

Thousands of roosters suffer in fighting pits⁠—with razor-sharp gaffs tied to their legs, roosters suffer punctured lungs, broken bones and pierced eyes while fighting to the death.

Alex Gallardo / For The HSUS
Written on their bodies

Typical dogfighting injuries include severe bruising, deep puncture wounds and broken bones—the dogs often die of blood loss, dehydration, exhaustion or infection.

Did you know?
dog fighting

Is the length of an average dog fight, ending when one of the dogs cannot continue.

cockfighting rooster restrained with rope

Provide felony penalties for cockfighting, but some parts of the country still need to strengthen their laws.

dog fighting dog with injuries to the face

Have laws to address the possession and sale of animal fighting paraphernalia.

Mother dog and puppy before being rescued from an alleged dog fighting operation in SC

We helped rescue 275 dogs from a suspected dogfighting operation in South Carolina. Your support is needed now more than ever to give these dogs and other animals the life they deserve.  

Meredith Lee / The HSUS