To stop the brutal trade in our best friends.

Most of the world views dogs as loyal and beloved companions—but in some parts of Asia, they still suffer as victims of the largely unregulated trade in dog meat for human consumption.


Ahead of the 2018 Winter Games, Gus Kenworthy and other animal-loving competitors joined together with our international affiliate, Humane Society International, to save dogs from a cruel fate. Kenworthy's experience on a dog meat farm was so moving that he decided to adopt one of the dogs, Beemo, and brought him home to the United States.

Lee Jae-Won / AP Images for HSI
Dogs deserve better.

Dogs are confined to crowded cages without adequate food or water until they are brutally killed—beaten, hung or electrocuted in front of other dogs—and sold for their meat. While dog farms in South Korea raise millions of these animals, many of the dogs who end up as food in other parts of Asia are stolen pets.

Staggering statistics

Die worldwide each year for human consumption, a third of whom are killed in China alone.


Can be found crammed into a single transport truck on its way to a slaughterhouse in China.


Have been shut down in South Korea by the HSUS and HSI.

Sad dog outside in the mud

For every animal saved, there are countless others who still need someone to be their voice. Start saving lives today.

Kathy Milani / The HSUS