Together, we are making the ocean safer for those who call it home.

Marine wildlife faces threats to their habitat from chemicals, overfishing, hunting and pollution—even noise can put some species at risk.

Entangled North American right whale

Fewer than 360 North Atlantic right whales remain in the wild. We're  working to reduce vessel strikes, entanglement in fishing gear, habitat degradation and other threats to this species.

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Creating a sea change

Whales, dolphins, sharks, sea lions and seals, manatees—all these species and many more suffer due to human exploitation of the ocean and its resources. It is up to us to protect them.

The struggle to survive
right whale breaching in the North Atlantic

Are all that remain; this species is critically endangered despite Endangered Species Act protections.

Stellar sea lion sitting on a rock in the Pacific Ocean

In Steller sea lions throughout Alaska's Aleutian Islands over the past 30 years.

Sea lion with a neck injury from being tangled in a net

Are estimated to be killed or injured by commercial fisheries every year.

Fins being removed from a great hammerhead shark

By refusing to consume or serve any product containing shark fin, you will help drastically reduce the demand for this "delicacy," thereby protecting vulnerable shark species from extinction.

Jeff Rotman / Alamy Stock Photo