Together, we can keep animals safe in their natural habitat.

Wild animals are targets for poaching, captive hunting, the fur trade, the exotic pet trade and more.

Each spring, the Canadian government authorizes fishermen to club or shoot hundreds of thousands of baby seals for their fur, despite international outcry and bans on the import of seal skins.

Exploited and endangered

Some species are increasingly at risk as they continue to be used and sold, either alive or for their parts. Populations are devastated and the methods used to capture, transport and kill animals can cause tremendous suffering.

Truth of the trade

Exchanges hands in the wild animal trade globally each year, an amount second only to arms and drug smuggling.


Are killed before they reach three months of age in the Canadian harp seal slaughter each year. 


Are estimated to live in the United States—but fewer than 400 of them can be found in accredited zoos.

Stand with us in condemning the killing of wildlife for trophies, both in the United States and around the world. Pledge to do what you can to end this cruel and unsportsmanlike pastime.

Lord Mountbatten / Wikemedia Commons