November 17, 2023, was a truly historic day in the fight to end the dog meat industry. In South Korea, where up to one million dogs are farmed and killed for human consumption each year, the government officially presented a roadmap to end the dog meat industry within a three-year period.

We’ve been working toward this moment for a decade. Our strategy has been to work with dog meat farmers eager to exit the industry; this Models for Change program brings people together to find a solution that works for both humans and animals, creating a blueprint for the government to ultimately phase out and eradicate the dog meat industry for good.

Humane Society International/Korea has demonstrated through the closures of 18 dog meat farms—which spared the lives of more than 2,700 dogs and ended the cycle of suffering of countless others—that an end of the dog meat industry is possible. Models for Change transitioned dog farmers into alternative, cruelty-free livelihoods.