To help suffering birds.

Chickens raised for meat (called “broiler chickens” by poultry companies) account for nine out of every 10 land animals used by the food industry—over nine billion chickens are killed for their meat each year in the United States. These birds are genetically designed to grow at an extreme pace, leading to intense physical suffering over the course of their shortened lives.

broiler chickens
Life on a factory farm

Most chickens raised for meat spend their entire lives in windowless warehouses packed wing-to-wing with other birds. Due to their rapid growth and living conditions, these animals often suffer from heart attacks, lung failure and other illnesses or injuries.

Erin Van Voorhies
Hope on the horizon

Thanks to our work, many of the world’s biggest companies have committed to improving the way chickens are raised. Some industry allies are now demanding that suppliers slow the birds' unnaturally rapid growth and offer natural light, some enrichment and more space for the animals to live.

Chickens deserve better
broiler chickens

Endure extreme crowding and filthy conditions on factory farms each year in the United States.

baby chicks in farm hatchery

Of suffering is all a chicken knows before being sent to slaughter—the normal lifespan of a chicken is five to eight years.

broiler chickens at Perdue factory farm

Have committed to better standards for chickens, including big names such as Starbucks, Burger King, Nestlé and Sodexo.

Woman preparing a plant based meal

One day a week can make a world of difference for your health, animals and the environment! Start by trying a new vegetable-packed dish or swap your usual entrée with a plant-based meat alternative.

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