Ann Chynoweth

Vice President, Animal Cruelty and Fighting Campaign

Ann Chynoweth is Vice President of the HSUS's Animal Cruelty and Fighting Campaign. 

Ann Chynoweth headshot

Chynoweth has worked for the HSUS since 1996. She first worked as an attorney for the HSUS's affiliate organization, the Wildlife Land Trust, to negotiate agreements to protect wildlife from development and hunting. She then became Counsel to Investigative Services for the HSUS where she provided legal advice for the HSUS's undercover investigative work.

The HSUS's President and CEO then asked her to develop and lead a nationwide campaign against illegal animal cruelty and fighting. In that role, she oversaw the passage of dozens of state laws to increase the penalties for these crimes, helped pass two federal laws against animal fighting, designed a multi-city program to end street dogfighting, managed a department that rescued tens of thousands of animals from neglect and abuse and assumed responsibility for the HSUS's Research and Investigations department.

Before joining the HSUS, Chynoweth worked for numerous animal welfare organizations, including PETA, In Defense of Animals and the Animal Legal Defense Fund. She is now proud to be working for the most effective animal protection organization in the country.

Chynoweth earned a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and a Juris Doctor from Vermont Law School. She lives with her husband in Washington, DC.