Heidi Prescott

Senior Vice President, Campaigns and Outreach

Heidi Prescott is the Senior Vice President for Campaigns and Outreach.

Heidi Prescott, Senior Vice President, Campaigns and Outreach

Prescott oversees and leads strategic, nationwide advocacy campaigns on factory farming and animal cruelty and fighting. She also manages the Outreach and Strategic Initiatives department.

Prescott began working at The Fund for Animals in 1989 under executive director Wayne Pacelle and the group's founder and president, famed author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory. Prescott became the national director of The Fund for Animals after Pacelle joined the staff of the HSUS in 1995. The Fund operates the world famous Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas, which is home to more than 1,200 animals rescued from abuse or abandonment, as well as a network of wildlife rehabilitation centers and veterinary clinics.

At The Fund for Animals and now at the HSUS, Prescott has led a decades-long campaign to end live pigeon shoots, culminating in shutting down the nation's largest and most notorious pigeon shoot in Hegins, Pa. She has played a key role in developing campaigns against hunting and wildlife abuses. She managed a staff that grew from six to 20 over eight years and conducted campaigns involving education, litigation and legislative activity on issues including hunting, trapping, fur and canned hunts. She continues to serve as The Fund's national director.

Prescott joined the HSUS with its merger with The Fund for Animals in 2005. The merger allowed the groups to put greater resources into new programs and enabled the creation of the new Campaigns department that Prescott oversees. The Campaigns department is a group of talented, professional campaigners who focus on major issues for the organization such as ending animal cruelty and fighting, farm animal protection, and stopping puppy mills.

Prescott received a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.