Heidi Prescott

Senior Vice President, Campaigns and Outreach

Heidi Prescott is the Senior Vice President for Campaigns and Outreach.

Heidi Prescott, headshot

Prior to joining the Humane Society of the United States as Senior Vice President of Campaigns in 2005, Prescott was the National Director of The Fund for Animals. Over the course of her career at The Fund for Animals, Prescott campaigned on wildlife issues, testified in state legislatures on wildlife policies, spoke at wildlife conferences and played a key role in developing campaigns on hunting, trapping, fur and canned hunts. At The Fund for Animals and now at the HSUS, Prescott has led a campaign to end live pigeon shoots, including playing an integral role in successfully shutting down the nation's largest and most notorious pigeon shoot that took place for over half a century in Hegins, Pa.

Prescott joined the HSUS with its merger with The Fund for Animals in 2005, where she formed and built a new department focusing on taking on the big fights. The Campaigns department is a group of professional campaigners who, under her leadership, take on strategic, nationwide advocacy campaigns on factory farming, puppy mills, the fur industry and animal cruelty. The Stop Puppy Mills campaign works to end the cruelty and neglect that is rampant in the commercial dog breeding industry; the Fur-free campaign works to end animal cruelty in apparel supply chains by partnering with leading fashion brands and retailers to implement animal-friendly policies; the Farm Animal Protection team wages bold campaigns to create transformational change for farm animals: fighting for historic advancements in eliminating factory farming practices and forging a food industry no longer dependent on factory farming and slaughtering of animals; the Cruelty campaign works to strengthen state and federal law regarding dogfighting, cockfighting and illegal animal abuse.

Prior to joining The Fund for Animals, Prescott worked as a domestic abuse counselor, a practicing artist and was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in Maryland where she specialized in raising orphaned squirrels, rabbits and birds.  

Prescott received a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.