Sára Varsa

Vice President, Animal Rescue Team

Sára Varsa is the Vice President of the HSUS Animal Rescue Team.

Sara Varsa, headshot
Meredith Lee

Sára Varsa leads a fully-equipped response team and oversees all work from rescue to rehabilitation for thousands of animals rescued from puppy mills, animals fighting operations and egregious cases of cruelty and neglect.

Varsa also directs the HSUS's field response in natural disasters, organizing field response efforts and sheltering of animals that have been displaced by flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other emergency events.

She has led the HSUS's on-the-ground rescue work since 2009 and continues to expand our reach, influence, and capacity as the nation's largest animal protection organization. 

Before coming to the HSUS, Varsa dedicated herself to the field of animal welfare through her endeavors in the veterinary and animal sheltering professions.