Sarah Comis

Vice President, Business Development & Corporate Relations

Sarah Comis is the Vice President of Business Development & Corporate Relations at the HSUS.

Sarah Comis, headshot

As the head of the HSUS’s Business Development and Corporate Relations department, Sarah Comis works with a broad range of partners in the business and corporate community to communicate the HSUS’s basic messages about animal protection to new and expanding audiences.

Under her leadership, the department works to create and strengthen cause-marketing partnerships, retailer promotions, trademark licensing agreements, workplace giving, vehicle donations, corporate-facilitated donations from individuals and in-kind contributions that support the mission, enhance the brand and meet the revenue goals of the HSUS.

Comis’ entire 30-year professional career has been devoted to protecting animals and the environment. She joined the HSUS in 2000 and assumed leadership of the Business Development & Corporate Relations department in 2008. 

Prior to joining the HSUS, Comis served as Vice President of Licensing for the National Audubon Society and worked in cause-related marketing for The Nature Conservancy.

Comis is a graduate of Colorado State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Zoology.