It takes only one person to spark change for animals. Case in point: While attending the Detroit Institute of Arts’ annual fashion fundraiser, HSUS Michigan state council member Cindy Ciura was shocked by the number of ensembles that included animal fur. As models clad in a variety of furs from retail giant Neiman Marcus appeared one after another on the runway, Ciura snapped photos of the disturbing display to post on social media. 

“I was appalled by this blatant distasteful addition to the show, as were many attendees,” Ciura says. “In fact, the gentleman sitting next to me made the comment, ‘Oh, no—another dead animal.’ ” She alerted HSUS Michigan state director Molly Tamulevich, and together they urged HSUS district leaders and volunteers to share their displeasure with the museum. The response was quick, with the institute stating that future fashion events would be fur-free.

P.J. Smith, HSUS director of fashion policy, praised the institute’s decision to join major fashion companies such as Gucci, Prada, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, the state of California, cities across the U.S. and others in taking a stand against fur. “It’s clear fur has no place in modern society, and the Detroit Institute of Arts is right to align its policy with the values of its patrons.”

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