State and local agencies broke up an organized dogfight in Chester County, South Carolina, resulting in the arrest of three alleged dogfighters and the seizure of four dogs and suspected dogfighting paraphernalia. The Humane Society of the United States assisted the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, Chester County Animal Control and York County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation and collection of evidence.

Law enforcement agents entered the property during the overnight hours as the dogfight was in progress and at least 100 individuals were in attendance as spectators. The raid was the outcome of a multi-agency investigation with intelligence provided by the HSUS that led to the suburban property on William Stevenson Road and Circle Drive in Richburg.

Chris Schindler, senior manager of animal fighting response for the HSUS, said: “Dogfighting is barbaric and illegal, and we were pleased to be able to assist in this case. The agencies involved have shown that they will not allow this activity to fester in South Carolina. Thankfully, the dogs rescued in this case will never have to face another fight.”

Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood said: “Dogfighting is a despicable crime that has no place in South Carolina. We are grateful for the assistance and expertise of The Humane Society of the United States and all the other departments involved in this case.”

Chester County Animal Control removed the dogs from the property and will provide the animals with veterinary treatment. Two of the dogs were found with extensive fresh injuries consistent with dogfighting.

The HSUS’ animal fighting experts also assisted law enforcement in identifying and documenting suspected dogfighting evidence. York County Animal Control also assisted in the case.


  • Dogfighting is a felony in all 50 states and under federal law, it is a felony to engage in dogfighting and a misdemeanor to attend as a spectator. Bringing a child under 16 to a dogfight is a federal felony.
  • The HSUS offers rewards of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person involved in illegal animal fighting. The HSUS asks anyone with information about animal fighting criminals to call 877-TIP-HSUS (877-847-4787). Tipsters' identities are protected.

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