DENVER—This Wednesday the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will consider a formal petition submitted by the Humane Society of the United States to ban trapping of wildlife in Colorado. Several hundred Coloradoans have contacted the CPW Commission in support of the HSUS’ petition along with more than 28,000 supporters who have also signed a Care2 petition in support of the ban.

The CPW Commission currently permits the trapping of multiple species despite the passage of Amendment 14, a 1996 ballot measure that prohibited cruel traps in Colorado. The CPW Commission disregards that citizen mandate by allowing the use of “cage” or “box” traps for the purposes of recreational and commercial trapping, leading to the annual killing of thousands of bobcats, foxes, ringtails and other furbearing animals in Colorado.

Amendment 14 sanctioned use of cage traps only for humane relocation or medical treatment of an animal, falconry or bona fide scientific study. However, the Commission has defied the will of voters and the law by permitting commercial and recreational cage trapping.

Trapping not only leads to the death of fur-bearing animals, but it also indiscriminately harms non-target animals, including golden eagles, Canada lynx and pets.

“Bobcats, foxes and other species targeted by trappers substantially enrich our Colorado ecosystems, and these animals have their own intrinsic value and should be able to live their lives and raise their young,” says Wendy Keefover, senior strategist of native carnivore protection for the Humane Society of the United States. “These animals should not be persecuted by those whose sole purpose is to make a quick buck from Colorado’s magnificent wildlife.”

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