TEXAS – COVID-19 is not impacting the care of nearly 800 animals representing 40 different species who live at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. The residents, who were rescued from testing laboratories, circuses, roadside menageries or saved from other dire circumstances, luckily do not know that the world is currently facing a pandemic. The staff at the sanctuary is doing whatever it takes to keep life as normal as possible on the 1,400-acre property in Murchison, Texas.   

Noelle Almrud, director of Black Beauty, part of the Humane Society of the United States, said, “These animals have faced enough cruelty and stress in their lives, and we won’t let them down. We continue to be devoted to their medical, psychological and emotional needs and have emergency plans and protocols in place for any disaster, including this one. We have staff who are committed and able to live on the property, if necessary, to maintain the daily routine for the welfare of these animals.”

Some of these animals include: tigers Alex and Loki who was once someone’s pet living in a small cage where they could barely turn around; a bear named Sammi retired from life in a traveling circus; Bubba the camel rescued from the pet trade; Eve the bear who was found extremely sick while dumpster diving to survive and not able to be released back into the wild; monkeys like Posh and Baby Spice who are retired from animal research and Phoebe and Phoenix from the pet trade; retired border patrol horse Bob; and horses like Lt. Dangle and Clementine saved from cruelty cases.

Caring for nearly 800 animals at the sanctuary requires:

  • Several thousand pounds of food each week - 300 bags of feed, 200 to 400 pounds of fresh produce and hundreds of pounds of other diets appropriate for each species. The approximate cost: $11,500 weekly.
  • Administering medication or supplements for approximately 40% of residents every day. 
  • Providing 1,300 large round 1,000-pound bales of hay and 3,500 square 50 pounds bales of hay for 500 equine residents every year

The sanctuary currently has a supply of dry feed in stock. Produce and other perishable foods continue to be delivered regularly. Food suppliers informed Black Beauty that they do not see any shortages ahead. But the staff is freezing food in case that changes.

Staff continues to provide the feeding, medical attention and important enrichment and activities necessary to keep our residents healthy and to have their emotional and psychological needs met every day. 

Black Beauty has an Amazon Wish List for the animals, and the public can also donate here


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