Matthew (“Matt”) Anderson has been named director of the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif., an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States. The announcement was made by Melissa Rubin, senior vice president, animal response, care and sanctuary for the organization.

According to Rubin, “Matt brings extensive international animal welfare experience which represents an ideal background to the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. Our hospital patients and sanctuary residents are very lucky to benefit from his extraordinary experience and his commitment to protecting them.”

Anderson attended the University of Liverpool, followed by graduate studies in environmental assessment and management, and doctoral studies in biological anthropology based in Oxford, England. During his post-doctoral work at the University of Cambridge and Zoological Society of San Diego, he studied the behavior of new world monkeys. He has spearheaded and collaborated on extensive conservation efforts in Botswana, Sumatra, Cameroon, Peru and Australia with such organizations as Cheetah Conservation Botswana, Elephants without Borders and Rainforest Expeditions including projects and programs that protect cheetahs, tigers, primates, koalas and African elephants.

“I am thrilled to be joining this world class team and care center,” Anderson said. “Protecting wildlife has been a lifelong priority for me and whether it be peril for elephants or cheetah in Africa, or mountain lions, bears and birds in California, conserving populations, alleviating suffering and minimizing human-wildlife conflict are paramount. Our collective mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and successfully release native species back into their natural habitat.”

The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center provides care for more than 800 native wild animals annually who are orphaned, injured or suffer from other ailments. The Center is also a permanent sanctuary to many native and exotic animals saved from eradication or rescued from the exotic pet trade. The 13-acre facility has helped more than 7,000 animals since 2005, after The Fund for Animals became an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States. The Center is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

For more information on how to help, visit the Center's website.


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