Murchison, TEXAS—This week Eve the once hairless “bare bear” celebrates her one year anniversary living and thriving in her forever home at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas. She moved to the 1,400-acre sanctuary in December 2019 after two years of rehabilitation living at the Fund For Animals Wildlife Center (now San Diego Humane Society’s Ramona Wildlife Center) in Ramona, California.   

The once tiny 30-pound bear arrived at the California wildlife center on Christmas Eve 2017 after being rescued while dumpster diving in Northern California. She had no fur and suffered from health conditions including one of the worst cases of mange medical experts had ever seen. She gained over 130 pounds, but her coat never fully grew back, and experts from the Humane Society of the United States and the Fund for Animals, which operate the sanctuary, determined she could not survive in the wild. She was moved to Black Beauty where a one-acre habitat was designed for her.

Noelle Almrud, senior director of Black Beauty, said, “Eve has settled beautifully into her new home here and no longer shows any signs of being unsure about her surroundings. She has become curious with appropriate bear instincts and behaviors, playing with vines while climbing her favorite trees, lounging in piles of leaves and grass, and enjoying the new pool and waterfall we just installed for her. She is very busy swatting at and stepping on the waterspout. She loves to eat and literally runs when it’s mealtime and particularly enjoys fresh melons. Her story truly has a fairytale ending for a once very sick little bear who never has to worry again about finding food or feeling safe.”  

Eve is one of four bears living at the sanctuary. Two – a mother and cub named Jackie and Russell – live together in the area next to Eve. Sammi, retired from a traveling circus, lives in a habitat just 10 feet from Eve’s and they can be heard chatting and having bear conversations with each other.

Caring for one bear costs approximately $20,000 a year. The sanctuary is home to nearly 800 animals – over 40 species.   

Eve’s story from unrecognizable “bare bear” to now at her forever home, in photos/b-roll for download:

Part 1(back story)

Part 2 (sanctuary life now)

Edited video story of Eve in rehab

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