An advocate wrote to us June 5, 2020 expressing concerns about allegations circulating about Project Chimps, an independent sanctuary for former laboratory chimpanzees that the Humane Society of the United States supports in various ways.

We deeply appreciate people who care about animals enough to follow up on concerns about their welfare. But we’ve been given ample evidence that the negative information circulating about Project Chimps is inaccurate.

Multiple reputable, independent veterinarians, accrediting bodies and government inspectors have visited Project Chimps, inspected and assessed the facilities, program and animals there and have concluded that the chimpanzees are receiving excellent care.

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Early in 2020, Project Chimps invited the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries to provide an objective outside assessment of its sanctuary. That assessment confirmed that claims alleging mistreatment of chimpanzees are unfounded and misleading. As part of the GFAS assessment, one of the most well-respected and experienced chimpanzee veterinarians in the world did an assessment of each chimpanzee in April, and she found that every chimpanzee was healthy and well cared for.

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