Hawaii Governor David Ige has announced that he intends to veto SB 1240, a bill that would protect Hawaii’s threatened reefs through sustainability measures and caps on permits to capture reef wildlife for aquariums. The bill passed the state legislature as a compromise measure with strong support from lawmakers as well as the Hawaiian public and wildlife groups, including The Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International and For The Fishes.

Keith Dane, Hawaii policy advisor for The Humane Society of the United States, issued the following statement:

"We are disappointed that Governor Ige has ignored the will of Hawaii residents, more than 80 percent of whom want to see an end to the destructive wildlife aquarium trade, by signaling his intent to veto SB 1240. The bill is a modest attempt to finally curtail this environmentally degrading trade by prohibiting the issuance of new collection permits. The Humane Society of the United States is committed to the advancement of measures to protect our coral reef and its wildlife, and hopes Governor Ige will reconsider his position, but if he vetoes the bill, will work with stakeholders to find a solution that protects Hawaii’s vital coral reefs. We are open to continued dialogue with the Governor and DLNR on this issue."

More information on the poll is available here.

The HSUS urges people to ask Gov. Ige to sign SB 1240 into law.

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