If you buy puppies from the internet or pet stores, you could be supporting puppy mills. In our fifth Horrible Hundred report, we continue to shine a light on violations, despite increasing challenges in investigating them.

Efforts to get updated information from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on federally-inspected puppy mills were severely crippled due to the USDA’s removal on Feb. 3, 2017 of all animal welfare inspection reports and most enforcement records from the USDA website. As of April 20, 2017, the USDA had restored some animal welfare records on research facilities and other types of dealers, but almost no records on pet breeding operations were restored.

The information in this report, therefore, is a compilation of records obtained from state inspection data in those states that inspect puppy mills, and/or from recent USDA records that the HSUS preserved before the USDA removed the reports from their website, as well as certain available court records, consumer complaints, investigator visits and media reports.

For dogs in puppy mills, conditions like these are the norm—and no matter what the sellers say, breeders like these are the source of most dogs sold online, in pet stores or at flea markets.

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Check the listings below to see what we found in each state.

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Bill Nored, Dryfork Kennel, Prim, Arkansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Repeated violations for dogs in need of veterinary care, including Chihuahua with signs of a broken jaw.

Leon Walthall and Peggy Van Huss, Wagging Tails Kennel, Siloam Springs, Arkansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dogs found shivering in the cold; rodent feces in food bowls; repeated veterinary problems.


Tonya Lewis, Tonya’s Tiny Companions, East Dublin, Georgia

Owner charged with 20 counts of animal cruelty, yet still offering puppies on puppyfind.com while case is pending.

Patti West, Lorrains [SIC] Yorkies, Meigs, Georgia

Odors so “overwhelming” that law enforcement officers had to wear masks; owner was arrested in connection with stolen dog accusations; advertised on puppyfind.com.


John E. and Rosanna M. Raber, Loogootee, Indiana

Nine puppies underweight with their ribs showing; two puppies had liquid diarrhea; adult boxer had open lacerations so deep that muscle tissue was exposed, yet had not been taken to a veterinarian.


A. G. Beukelman, Orange City, Iowa

Bulldog had untreated eye problem; dead mice found floating in dogs’ drinking water.

Captiva Kennel, Inc., Redding, Iowa

Repeat violation for puppies in need of veterinary care, including a skinny puppy with hair loss and a lethargic puppy who “cried out when she was touched.”

Gary Felts, Black Diamond Kennel, Kingsley, Iowa (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Owner sentenced to three years of probation for failing to pay animal welfare fines; inspectors found sick/injured dogs.

Lucille Godfrey, Bussey, Iowa (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Repeat violations for dogs in need of veterinary care, including one with a foot lesion, others with hair loss and ear, eye or dental disease.

Helene Hamrick, Wolf Point Kennel, Ackworth, Iowa (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Repeated problems with sick dogs; bichon had “thick, yellow-green” discharge covering eye.

Connie and Harold Johnson, CW’s Quaint Critters, Melvin, Iowa (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Puppies on wire flooring had feet falling through; strong odors a recurring problem.

Steve Kruse, Stonehenge Kennel, West Point, Iowa (REPEAT OFFENDER)

At least 41 dogs found in need of veterinary care since 2015, including some with deep lacerations, oozing wounds; licensee received previous USDA suspension for tossing bag of dead puppies at an inspector.

Lora Lampe, Salem, Iowa (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dogs with open wounds; limping dog; one dog had such severe eye issue that the inspector was unable to open the eye.

Henry Sommers, Cincinnati, Iowa (REPEAT OFFENDER)

“Weak and limp” puppy found unresponsive; another puppy had crusted eyes; Yorkies had hair loss and scabs.


Marla and Roger Campbell, Campbell Partnership aka Iris Lane Kennel, Newton, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

USDA filed complaint in July 2016 for numerous veterinary violations that occurred in 2015 and 2014; sells to large brokers.

Dianne Dick, Puppie [SIC] Trails Kennels, Rossville, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Repeatedly found with matted dogs, dogs with dental disease.

Robert (Bobby) George, Cordillero Ranch aka Mini Toy Huskies, Salina, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Sells puppies online without a USDA license; claims shipped puppies are “breeding stock” to exploit federal loophole.

Izene Hynes, Smokey Hill Kennel, Hays, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

USDA inspectors continued to find injured dogs even after sending official warning; puppies had feet falling through wire flooring.

Justin and La Nae Jackson, Jackson Kennel aka Jackson Pets, Clifton, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Kennel with more than 600 dogs had decrepit conditions, excessive feces; some dogs only had barrels for shelter.

Judy Koehn, Bow-Wow Mound, Burns, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Direct violation for lethargic dog smeared with feces; other violations for filthy conditions; facility had more than 380 dogs.

Darlene and Charlene Koster, Rainbow Ranch Kennel, Minneapolis, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Injured animals found six years in a row; filthy conditions; dogs found in the summer heat with no shade.

Michelle Miller, Plum Crazy Kennel, Elk City, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

After being required to downsize to 25 dogs under a 2015 consent agreement, state inspectors repeatedly found more than 25 dogs at the kennel; still operating in 2017 despite years of problems.

Sharon Munk, BJ’s & Guys, LLC, Menlo, Kansas

Facility with over 1,100 dogs found with dangerous housing, poor temperature control, three dogs in need of veterinary care; received official warning from USDA.

Teresa Osborn, Spring Hill, Kansas

Failed December 2016 state inspection for sanitation problems, dogs in the cold; some dogs in wire crates so small that their heads touched the top.

Peggy Pierce, Pierce’s Kennels, Narka, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Owner failed state inspection for rat infestation and dirty conditions; sold puppies to the hunte corporation (now called choice puppies).

Marilyn Soukup, Mars Kennel, Wilson, Kansas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Failed to let inspectors in for at least 12 different state and/or USDA visits since 2011; newborn puppies found outside in the cold.


Larry Yoder, Whistling Pine Kennels, Crofton, Kentucky (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Shaking and wounded Yorkie found, despite prior USDA warning about veterinary care problems.


Robert Fink, Laughlin Kennel, Oxford, Massachusetts

Former employee documented puppies crowded into tiny, stacked cages in basement; consumer complaints.


Daniel Coblentz, Grand Junction, Michigan

Four Yorkie puppies and one adult poodle died without receiving adequate veterinary care; huskies had open wounds.


S Glenice Viken, S G Kennels, Roseau, Minnesota (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Failed at least 11 recent USDA inspections; repeatedly failed to treat dog with health problems even after multiple warnings.


Pamela L. Baldwin, Samples Creek Kennel, Edgar Springs, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

More than 25 dogs found underweight, sick or injured since our last report; some were limping or had bloody / oozing lesions.

Kevin Beauchamp, Beauchamp’s Puppy World, Lebanon, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Repeatedly failed to let inspectors into the kennel, even after USDA filed a complaint; very thin and injured dogs found.

Kay Butler, High Point Kennel, Montgomery City, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Repeated problems with filthy and unsafe conditions; dog found limping, puppy found in cage so filthy there was no clean place to stand.

Maureen Butler, PugPekinpoo-Tzu, West Plains, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Repeatedly failed to let inspectors in the kennel; dogs had not been examined by a vet.

Kimberly Coleman, TLC Kennels, Clinton, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Bloodied poodle found lying on her side, unable to rise; strong odors of urine and feces.

Joe Farley, Pleasant Valley Puppies, Galena, Missouri

Cited for twisting off the tails of puppies as an improper tail docking method; other dogs had injuries and wounds.

Michael Franke, North River Kennel, Novelty, Missouri

Puppy and dogs had open wounds; cages too small; contaminated food.

Debbie Howlett, Luv Me Tender Kennel, Bolivar, Missouri

Live maggots were found on dog who had clumping fur and ulcerated skin; another had “foul smelling” ear discharge, others were matted.

Catherine Mast, C and C Kennel, Bogard, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Rottweiler with lesions on ears had flies swarming around the lesions; received August 2016 warning from USDA.

Marlisa and Randy McAlmond, Cedar Ridge, Alton, Missouri

Many dogs found with wounds/lacerations; removed tails of weaned puppies with unacceptable “banding” method.

Eli Miller, Hill Top Kennel, Clark, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dog with oozing eyes, puppy with scabs and hair loss; fined $1,920 by USDA.

Renee Ray, RDR Transport, Unionville, Missouri [TRANSPORTER]

53 puppies died after being left on cargo truck with space heater running; veterinarian not contacted until eight hours later.

Anna Mary Reiff, Latham, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dirty conditions and excessive feces; outdoor dogs had no bedding to protect them from the cold.

Debra Ritter, Cornerstone Farms, Curryville, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Consumer allegedly had to pay $3,000 in vet care to save her sick puppy; state violations for underweight, sick and injured dogs.

Ellen Roberts, Rocky Top K9s, West Plains, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Boxer had bleeding, open wound; another had ribs and hip bones showing; similar problems found repeatedly.

Marilyn Shepherd, Pup 4 U, aka Marilyn Williams, Williams Kennel, Ava, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dogs found with gaping, draining or open wounds; owner repeatedly failed to get veterinary treatment for sick and injured dogs; year after year of violations.

Josh L. Souza, Chevorlet Ranch [SIC], Phillipsburg, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dogs found panting in July heat without shade; violations found at 23 different USDA inspections.

Diana Stephenson, formerly S & S Family Puppies, Milan, Missouri (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Once notorious puppy mill operator who was shut down in 2011 found selling puppy through pet store in 2017, possibly violating prior agreement.

Tanya White and Samantha Chandler, Elites Tiny Paws, Taneyville, Missouri

Puppies had hair loss and flaky skin; received official USDA warning in August 2016.


Diana Burden, Tall Pines Kennels, Orchard, Nebraska

Received official warning from the state for inadequate staff to care for animals, filthy conditions with two weeks of fecal accumulation, rodent infestation and poor air quality.

Brenda Carroll, Carroll Sell Farms, Plattsmouth, Nebraska (REPEAT OFFENDER)

“Routinely noncompliant in general husbandry,” per state report; filthy conditions, not enough employees to care for more than 90 dogs; some dogs did not even have enough space to stand or sit comfortably.

Barbara Crick, Crick’s Kennel, Burwell, Nebraska (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Received official warning from the state in 2016 for filthy conditions and dogs without water; shot a dog in the head in 2008; many issues in between.

Linda Hager and Edward Ruyle, Crab Orchard Kennel, Crab Orchard, Nebraska (REPEAT OFFENDER)

USDA continues to pursue complaint in 2017 related to unlawful sales to pet stores; prior violations for foul odors, matted dogs and filthy conditions.

Daniel and Jaynell Schaaf, Kuddly Kritters Kennel, Atkinson, Nebraska (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dogs found in need of veterinary care for five years in a row (2012 - 2016).

Linda Simpson, Kirkwood Kennels, Tekamah, Nebraska

Allegedly sold puppy with urine scalding, staph infection and urinary tract infection; no vet plan found at two consecutive inspections.

Jo Ann Steiger, In God’s Hands Kennel, Randolph, Nebraska (REPEAT OFFENDER)

State inspectors repeatedly found inadequate veterinary records and unsanitary conditions.

Paul Urbanec, Diamond in the Ruff, Pender, Nebraska (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Inadequate veterinary plan, excessive feces, unsanitary conditions.

New Jersey

William/Bill Roberts, aka John Roberts, Gloucester County, New Jersey (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Consumer complaints about sick puppies; unlicensed dealer previously had animals seized from his home.

New York

Leon Nolt, LW Kennels, Dundee, New York

At least half of the dogs had matted fur and long nails; filthy conditions.


Debra S. Baird, Salem, Ohio

Warned about sale of underage puppies; repeatedly failed to have records of medical exams on dogs and puppies.

Nathan & Sara Bazler, Little Puppies Online, LLC, Mount Vernon, Ohio

Puppies found in cramped, undersized cages; dealer bought puppies from unlicensed breeders.

Marvin Burkholder, Berlin Kennel, Millersburg, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Received official warning from USDA in June 2016 for repeat veterinary issues.

Gregory Fidoe, Canfield, Ohio

Sold underage puppies and repeatedly failed to get veterinary exams as required, per state records.

Emanuel D. Keim, Baltic, Ohio

Dogs found with hair loss and skin conditions.

Sam Mast, Fresno, Ohio

Sale of underage puppies; no vet records on dogs; unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

James A. Miller, Millersburg, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Matted dogs kept in rusty cages; dirty conditions.

John J. Nisley, Loudonville, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dog found with sores on ears and head; prior violations for injured and lethargic dogs.

Daniel Schlabach/Evergreen Designer LLC, Charm, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Fire in pole barn filled with “hundreds of dogs” killed an undisclosed number of animals.

Marvin Schmucker/ Ervin Schmucker, Sugarcreek, Ohio

Repeated veterinary care deficiencies; bichon had skin lesions around her neck and on leg.

Leroy Weaver, Walhonding, Ohio

Dead puppies found decomposing in yard; severely matted dogs.

Abe R. Yoder, Millersburg, Ohio

Unsafe flooring not corrected until seven months later and multiple re-inspections; bichon with eye issue had not received surgery as directed by veterinarian.


Tom Coleman DBA Miguel Delgado, Chandler, Oklahoma (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dealer previously revoked in Georgia, moved to Ohio, now in Oklahoma; has history of sick dogs.

Jerry Hine/ Pink Poodle and Add Love Pets, Stroud, Oklahoma

HSUS investigators found stench and crowded wire cages; website offers to ship puppies, without the required USDA license.


Evergreen Kennel, East Earl, Pennsylvania

Received citation for sale of underage puppies; some dogs not properly vaccinated.

Fill-in-the-Gap Pets aka Infinity Pups, Gap, Pennsylvania

Failed five state inspections in 2016; unsafe conditions, excessive feces.

Garden Spot Puppy Haven, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Puppies found in the cold; dogs had matted hair; dogs did not have enough space or fresh air; state issued 11 citations or warnings and ordered 10 vet checks on dogs between 2010 and 2017.

Margaret (Molly) Graf, Eichenluft Working German Shepherds, Newville, Pennsylvania

Dogs found shivering in the cold; repeatedly failed to protect dogs from harsh weather; failed six state inspections in 2016/2017.

Hill Top Farm Kennel, Honey Brook, Pennsylvania (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Ten warnings or citations from the state since 2010; vet checks ordered at least nine times between 2010 & 2016.

Jonathan Lapp, Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Received two written and verbal warnings; veterinary issues, excessive feces.

Paul Ober, Celtic Farms and Kennels, Inc., Mohrsville, Pennsylvania (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Emaciated dogs found repeatedly; some dogs had no water; state ordered vet checks on dogs year after year.

Runway Kennel, Gordonville, Pennsylvania

Bulldog seen with large, painful cysts on two separate inspections; several other dogs had eye or skin problems; some dogs lived in a dark building wthout a light source; kennel has been receiving citations and warnings since 2010.

Sunny Slope Kennels, Honey Brook, Pennsylvania

Violations for five years in a row; received warnings from the state in 2016; kennel previously closed down in 2010 but reopened in 2012.

Walnut Run, Strasburg, Pennsylvania

Kennel was issued two warnings and one citation in 2016 for inadequate, unsafe housing and other problems.

Whispering Spring Kennel, LLC, East Earl, Pennsylvania

Instructed 12 times to get vet checks for dogs between 2010 and 2017; received warning and citations at six different state inspections between 2010 and 2017.

Marlin Zimmerman, Turkey Hill Kennel, East Earl, Pennsylvania (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Instructed eight times to have vet checks on dogs between 2010 and 2016; issued 10 warnings or citations since 2010 for poor conditions.

South Dakota

Nancy Ogle, Irene, South Dakota

Dirty conditions, three dogs in need of veterinary care.

Joette Peterson, Freeman, South Dakota (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dogs had open sores buzzing with flies.


George and Tabitha Doyle and Sandra Webb, Mercer, Tennessee

Convicted on 47 counts of animal cruelty, yet still selling puppies on puppyfind.com; accused of selling puppies who were underweight, sick or had mange.


Rachel and Seth Armstrong/ Rachel Pierson, AY RAAM Farms LLC, Kingsbury, Texas

AKC breeder fined for selling puppies without a state license, unsafe and unsanitary conditions for puppies.

Jack and Dorothy Foreman, Dorothy’s Perfect Pets, Marshall, Texas

Fined $1,500 for operating a breeding kennel without a license; dalmatians kept in small, stacked wire crates in dismal conditions.

Alejandro Franco, Fairytail Puppies, Mission, Texas

Fined $2,775 for selling underage, sickly puppy; not licensed to sell puppies online.

Susan Franz, Belton, Texas (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Violations found at 12 USDA inspections between 2013 and 2016; dog had crusted lesion and red, inflamed skin.

Tiffany Harvey, Ace Deuce Ranch, Avery, Texas

Fined $550 for selling puppy without proper health record; offers to ship puppies online via puppyfind.com but does not appear to have the required USDA license.

Vicky and Frank Hines, Hines Hill Terriers, Quanah, Texas

AKC breeders fined $5050 by state for breeding without a license; some breeding mothers with new puppies were confined to tiny plastic crates.

Linda Lynch, Lynch Family Farm, Portland, Texas

Unlicensed breeder found with dogs in tiny cages, piled up in hoarder like conditions.


Ryan Handly, DesignerPuppy.Com and WisconsinPuppies.net, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Dogs were found with no water, and puppies were found in overcrowded cages, even after official warning from state; lethargic puppy found lying in a water bowl.

Alvin Martin, Pine Hollow Farm, LLC, Withee, Wisconsin (REPEAT OFFENDER)

“Listless” puppy unable to walk; two dogs had eye disorders; licensee repeatedly failed to take animals to the vet.

Alvin Nolt, Pine Ridge Pets, Thorp, Wisconsin (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Repeatedly found with unsanitary conditions and puppies on unsafe wire flooring.

Skylar Vian, Sparta, Wisconsin

Overwhelming odors caused inspector’s lungs to burn and she “felt ill within seconds.” Breeder was cited for unhealthy air quality that “had been causing extreme discomfort to the dogs.”

John Zeiset, Lone Pine Kennels, Thorp, Wisconsin (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Both state and federal inspectors found repeated problems; limping dog, matted dogs, unsanitary conditions.

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