Responding to the Bureau of Land Management’s announcement of additional steps it will take to secure the health and safety of adopted wild horses and burros through the Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Incentive Program, the Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society Legislative Fund issued the following comment:

“Understanding that proper and permanent animal adoptions are central to the long-term success of nonlethal management of wild horse and burro populations on our nation’s rangelands, we welcome the BLM’s commitment to tackle ongoing challenges in its Adoption Incentive Program, a concern we’ve raised directly with the agency over the years. We’re confident that immediate improvements can be made, and we’re committed to making the program more effective to ensure these animals do not end up in the slaughter pipeline. When it comes to wild horses and burros, our goals do not change. Americans want the best for these animals, and we’re going to continue to do all that we can to press for a comprehensive plan to address their plight, including more and better adoptions along with expanded use of immunocontraception, intelligent land use policies, and a stronger federal commitment to their well-being.”

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