The Humane Society of the United States is proud to honor Indiana state police trooper Allison Marlowe with a 2021 Humane Law Enforcement Award for her rescue of an abandoned dog from a dangerous situation on a highway.

On Aug. 1, witnesses reported to police that a dog had been dumped out of a van on the side of a busy road and was seen running in and out of traffic. Working with concerned citizens, trooper Marlowe was able to coax the scared puppy into a police cruiser where she was soon enjoying air conditioning and treats. The dog, named ‘Grace’ by trooper Marlowe, was transferred to Lake County Animal Control for treatment. On Aug. 18, just weeks after being rescued by trooper Marlowe and concerned citizens, Grace was adopted by corporal Dan Becker, a colleague of trooper Marlowe’s. A few weeks after that, Grace and trooper Marlowe were reunited for the first time since the rescue at the award presentation ceremony.

The HSUS Humane Law Enforcement Awards are presented annually to officers and agencies that have taken an exemplary stand in support of animal protection. The HSUS works nationwide to enact laws that protect all animals and relies on the support of law enforcement agencies and officials to advance its goals.

“We are proud to present a 2021 Humane Law Enforcement Award to trooper Marlowe,” said Samantha Morton, Indiana state director for the Humane Society of the United States. “She quickly sprang into action to save this puppy’s life and we are grateful for her preparedness and compassion.”

Lt. Terry Gose, commander of the Indiana state police Lowell Post, said, “It is unfortunate that people choose to abandon pets along an interstate when there are shelters available to take unwanted animals. Trooper Marlowe not only intervened with helping ‘Grace’, but she’s also had to help other pets that were abandoned along the highway.”

The Humane Society of the United States is proud to collaborate with law enforcement entities and officials who are making our communities safer for animals. To that end, we partner with law enforcement agencies across the country on a wide array of investigations, trainings and legislation. Our work with law enforcement officials engages the entire justice system, from sheriffs to prosecutors to offices of attorneys general.

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