The Alex & Elisabeth Lewyt Charitable Trust has provided a much-needed grant of $250,000 to the Humane Society of the United States to support urgent animal relief efforts in response to Hurricane Harvey.

The HSUS Animal Rescue Team’s emergency responders are rescuing pets left stranded in floodwaters and working with local agencies and nonprofits to move adoptable animals out of the immediate area to make room for an influx of pets left homeless by storm damage and severe flooding. HSUS teams are focused on transport of animals from Texas to other states and are assessing additional areas to determine which resources to deploy.

What’s happening in southeast Texas has been a singular, destructive and perilous moment for the state's human and animal residents, according to Wayne Pacelle, HSUS president and CEO.

“This generous contribution is the largest of many we’ve received that are allowing us to dig deep into the devastated areas and to conduct lifesaving work,” said Pacelle. “The Lewyt Trust has been a remarkable partner, and this is just the latest effort the trustees have made to turn around the fortunes of animals. We are immensely grateful.”

HSUS responders, working with Wings of Rescue, moved more than 100 animals who had been up for adoption in San Antonio before the storm hit, to create additional space for animals coming from battered and deluged areas of the state with families who have been evacuated or rescued from their homes. The HSUS also coordinated and transported animals up for adoption from Corpus Christi, Houston and New Orleans to Emergency Placement Partners in New Jersey and Washington State and will be transferring others to Illinois, Oregon, Oklahoma and the Washington, DC area.

The HSUS is working closely with our partners at the SPCA of Texas, Houston Humane Society and Emancipet on animal transports to alleviate pressure on shelters affected by the storm, and has sent responders to areas such as Dickinson, Rockport and Texas City, to assess and respond to animal-related relief needs in these stricken communities.

This donation from the Trust and other contributions are providing the financial support needed for these efforts. To make a donation to the HSUS’ Disaster Relief Fund to support all of the HSUS’ preparedness, rescue and relief work, go to

The Alex & Elisabeth Lewyt Charitable Trust is a 501(c)(3) private foundation charged with carrying on the Lewyts’ pioneering vision of improving the lives of companion animals, reducing animal cruelty and euthanasia rates, and supporting programs for the general betterment of all animals.

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