With a gift that will have a powerful impact for animals, a longtime HSUS supporter has left an incredible legacy, one made all the more noteworthy by the donor’s desire to remain anonymous. The donor, who has supported the efforts of the HSUS for many years, passed away in June 2020, stipulating that more than $97 million be directed to the organization’s work. 

This donation is the final grace note after a decades-long history of generous support. Over her lifetime, the donor gave millions of dollars to support the organization’s work to protect wildlife, farm and companion animals, horses and burros and many other programs, allowing leadership tremendous flexibility in directing her gifts to the program areas of the greatest need, where they could do the most good. She continued this approach in her planned gift, asking that the funds be used to end the cruelest practices and create the greatest impact for animals. 

“We are tremendously grateful for this gesture of exceptional generosity and dedication to making the world a safer place for animals,” said Kitty Block, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States. “We consider the support from all of our donors a sacred trust, and will be able to leverage this gift into ongoing impact across a wide range of our work.”  

The donor’s trustees expressed hope that this gift would inspire others to step up in support of the cause. It’s a testament to the power of planned giving: “This gift will provide a voice for generations of animals and animal advocates to come,” said Kimberlee Dinn, senior vice president of philanthropy for the Humane Society of the United States. “We’re incredibly grateful for it and want to acknowledge this donor’s powerful legacy and all it will help us do for animals—not only rescue and direct care for animals in crisis, but helping us tackle underlying causes to change industries and government policies that harm animals on a large scale.” 

Learn more about the HSUS’ bequest program.  

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