New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sided with puppy mill interests and conditionally vetoed a broadly supported measure to protect dogs and consumers from reckless and inhumane puppy mills.

Instead of signing S-3041, which would prohibit the sale of puppies from the worst puppy mills, Christie gutted the bill, removing all meaningful provisions. The Humane Society of the United States urges members of the New Jersey State Legislature to override his decision.

Brian Hackett, New Jersey state director for The HSUS, issued the following statement in response: “We are appalled that Gov. Christie vetoed the puppy mill sales bill, demonstrating a disregard not only for the thousands of breeding dogs languishing in puppy mills across the nation but also for New Jersey consumers. This action stands in contrast to the will of the nine counties, 100 municipalities, both chambers of the legislature and the people of New Jersey. We urge the New Jersey legislature to override this shortsighted veto to protect animals and consumers.”

An estimated 10,000 puppy mills produce more than 2,400,000 puppies each year in the U.S.

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