ISS Guckenheimer, a leading food services provider that seeks to deliver chef-crafted fresh food to its customers, has pledged to make 55% of its menu options plant-based by 2025. This is the strongest commitment to date from any food service management company.  

As a signatory to the Cool Food Pledge, ISS Guckenheimer’s plant-forward commitment includes a targeted reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of a minimum of 25% by 2030. To meet its plant-based and sustainability goals, ISS Guckenheimer plans to work with the Humane Society of the United States on recipe ideation, culinary trainings and greenhouse gas assessments. Another way the company intends to reach its goals is through the global roll out of PowerPlant, a concept and culinary toolkit developed by ISS Guckenheimer chefs. PowerPlant, which the company successfully piloted in the U.S., focuses on utilizing more seasonal, regional vegetable and plant-based alternatives as a core element of menu writing, to reduce reliance on animal protein. 

To reach its carbon reduction ISS Guckenheimer will develop menus that expand plant-based options, reduce reliance on meat-based dishes, and carefully manage animal protein portion sizes.  

Lauren Pitts, RD and food service innovation manager for the Humane Society of the United States, says: “ISS Guckenheimer has embraced ambitious plant-based and sustainability goals. It’s clear ISS Guckenheimer recognizes an opportunity and a responsibility to lead the way with climate friendly, plant-based commitments. We hope other companies will follow suit.”  

Paul Fairhead, CEO of ISS Guckenheimer, says: “Our commitment to increasing plant-based offerings provides customers and employees with even more healthy, sustainably sourced options without sacrificing quality and taste, while also increasing animal welfare. Our chefs and culinary teams have particularly enjoyed the creative collaborations with the Humane Society of the United States as we deliver on our plant-based and sustainability related commitments.” 

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