Five local animal care organizations from around the country have been selected to receive the Pets for Life Mentorship program grant. Provided by The Humane Society of the United States and PetSmart Charities® and totaling $250,000, the grant will allow the recipients to provide direct care, services, and information to people and pets in under-served areas of their communities. An estimated 23 million pets live in poverty in this country and lack access to critical veterinary care and wellness resources. Spay and neuter rates average less than 20 percent in under-served communities. This partnership between the HSUS and PetSmart Charities® is working to change that statistic.

The grant includes $50,000 to provide general wellness care, spay/neuter services, funds to travel to an HSUS PFL city for hands on training, and ongoing support and guidance from the PFL team to ensure long term success and sustainability.

Amanda Arrington, director of the PFL program at the HSUS said: “Pets for Life takes resources to communities that are not being reached by traditional approaches. The HSUS is pleased to partner with these local organizations and PetSmart Charities® to fill the gaps in services and information that currently exist by bringing critical pet care to people and pets in under-served areas.”

Jan Wilkins, executive director of PetSmart Charities® said: “We’re proud to work with the HSUS and these five very deserving animal welfare organizations to help make a difference in their communities. The Pets for Life Mentorship program is a perfect example of our dedication to building awareness, engaging communities, and creating and funding lifesaving programs for pets.”

The following animal care organizations received the grant from and PetSmart Charities® and training and mentorship from the HSUS:

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Central Oklahoma Humane Society
  • Reno, Nevada: Nevada Humane Society
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society
  • Toledo, Ohio: Humane Ohio
  • Washington, District of Columbia: Washington Humane Society

Without access to affordable veterinary care, many people do not spay or neuter their pets or provide general wellness care. The central component of the PFL model is direct community outreach and the philosophy of focusing on humans along with their companion pets. Through this approach, organizations can build strong relationships and trust within a segment of the pet-owning population that has largely gone untouched by animal service providers before.

PFL operates direct care programs in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles in addition to the mentorship partnership with PetSmart Charities®. The program also offers a free community outreach toolkit, funded by PetSmart Charities, for any organization to use. 

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