A neglected camel arrived at his forever home at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch on April 10. The 18-year-old two-humped Bactrian camel named Bubba was rescued from a home by the South Florida SPCA in October 2018. Bubba was severely malnourished and living in deplorable conditions without adequate shelter or access to clean water. He spent six months with the SPCA receiving excellent medical care until he was strong and healthy enough to travel from Florida to the 1,400-acre Texas sanctuary.    

Noelle Almrud, director of the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, operated by the Fund for Animals, an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States, said,  “We are so happy to welcome our first Bactrian camel and make sure that he has the happy, safe life that he deserves. Our expert staff will provide Bubba with a proper diet and exceptional care that is tailored to the requirements of a camel. When camels don’t have access to enough food and water, they metabolize the fat that is stored in their humps. When Bubba was rescued, both of his humps were completely deflated due to malnourishment. It will take quite a while to restore that fat storage and help him regain his strength. Camels can live to about 30 years old in captivity with proper care.”

Kitty Block, president and CEO of the HSUS, said: “Countless wild animals end up living in dreadful conditions and suffer needlessly in private hands. Only a lucky few, like Bubba, find their way to accredited sanctuaries like Black Beauty each year. Millions of exotic animals are bought and sold every day around the world to fuel the exotic pet trade. Due to their long life spans these animals are often neglected or discarded when they are no longer young, cute or manageable.”

Following Bubba’s standard 30-day quarantine period, he was introduced last week to a large spacious pasture where he will live with other herd animals in peace and tranquility.  He now can spend his days grazing in the green grass or taking naps under a large oak tree.

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