MURCHISON, Texas—Seven paso fino mares and two foals are thriving at Black Beauty Ranch after being rescued from severe neglect and starvation. The group consists of two mares and their two foals, along with five other mares who are possibly pregnant. The mares, who range in age from 10 to 20 years old, will undergo medical evaluations in the coming weeks to determine their pregnancy status.

The Houston SPCA removed the group from deplorable conditions on a private property in Washington County, Texas, and cared for them prior to their placement at the sanctuary, which is operated by the Humane Society of the United States and is home to 800 residents, including 400 equines.   

Noelle Almrud, senior director at Black Beauty Ranch, said, “The mares and foals have survived against all odds and are now safe, thriving and getting the proper care and attention they require. We are grateful that the Houston SPCA was able to rescue them and now our expert team will do everything possible to provide these beautiful animals with an appropriate safe haven.”

As the horses are settling in and gaining confidence and strength, their caregivers at Black Beauty Ranch are seeing their true personalities coming out.

Kayla Parente, equine caregiver at the sanctuary, reports that Dharma and Dalia, two sorrel mares, are best friends and love to eat breakfast with each other before they gallop away side by side to their favorite grazing spot. The two horses spend the day roaming their expansive pasture together. Devoted and loving moms Divinity and Destiny carefully keep their eyes on their foals (who are not yet named) who have been playing together and often run through their pasture kicking up their heels and chasing each other under the watchful eyes of their moms.     

The two foals will stay with their mothers until they are fully weaned and then will return to the Houston SPCA where they will be placed in the group’s adoption and placement program. The moms, who were never trained or socialized with people, are not candidates for adoption and will remain at Black Beauty Ranch to live out their lives, never having to face cruelty again.

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