The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center has released new photos, video and information about the progress of Eve the “Bare Bear” who captured national attention when she arrived at the Center in Ramona on Christmas Eve with no fur on her body due to a severe case of mange.

Matthew Anderson, director of The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States, says:

“Eve is a very resilient bear! When she first arrived at our Wildlife Center Eve was almost entirely hairless with one of the worst cases of mange our team had ever seen and required months of intensive treatment. It took a lot of blood work, biopsies, skin treatments and medication but we are finally making progress and she continues to get better and better. She has even increased her weight by 73 pounds since she arrived! Test results confirm what our expert medical team had hoped, she is finally clear of mange and that she is growing hair back more and more with every passing day. This is a long process though and she does still have a lingering inflammatory dermatological skin infection. She doesn’t quite look like a completely healthy bear yet but we are pleased that she is certainly behaving more like one. We believe she will respond well to this latest round of medication and be able to grow all of her hair back. In the meantime we are giving her the best quality of life possible. She is very active and enjoys playing in her pool, climbing trees and eating an abundance of food.”

“Only time will tell us what tomorrow brings, but for now it is still our fervent wish that she is able to return to the wild one day.”


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