The Humane Society of the United States was called in by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office to assist in the rescue of horses in Fayette County, West Virginia.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office served search and seizure warrants on two properties on July 19. During the execution of the warrant on the first property, five horses were seized. The horses appeared to suffer from malnutrition and had large patches of missing hair.

The HSUS safely transported the five horses to an HSUS Safe Stalls partner, where they were thoroughly examined by a veterinarian and are receiving the necessary immediate medical treatment.

During the execution of the warrant on the second property, a licensed equine veterinarian visually assessed the horses and the property and made recommendations for timely and adequate veterinary care, as well as for immediate improvements to their daily feeding regiment, supplemental nutrition and water supply.

The recommendations for the proper and humane treatment of these horses were provided to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, which will work with the Office of the Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney to ensure they are implemented.

This case remains under investigation by Fayette County animal control officer Russell Parker and the Detective Bureau of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. Anyone with information concerning this case, or about any incidents of alleged animal cruelty or neglect, is asked to contact the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office at 304-574-4216.

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