MURCHISON, Texas—India and Elsa, the two young “pet” tigers found earlier this year roaming in Texas neighborhoods—India in Houston and Elsa in San Antonio—are spending their first summer living the good life at Black Beauty Ranch. The Humane Society of the United States released photos and new video b-roll of India, Elsa and other sanctuary residents having fun and keeping cool in the Texas heat.

Other animals who are featured swimming, splashing, frolicking and lounging in the shade include Loki, a tiger found in a cage in a Houston garage in 2019; Eve the “bare bear” rescued in California; and mother-son bear duo Jackie and Russell, also rescued in California.

The 1,400-acre sanctuary located in Murchison, Texas, is part of the Humane Society of the United States.

According to Black Beauty senior director Noelle Almrud: “To protect our nearly 800 residents at Black Beauty from the Texas heat, we provide many options for them to keep cool including big pools, water tubs, sail shades and big trees to lounge under. Our team tries to anticipate their needs and make it fun and stimulating for them. It is particularly special to see India and Elsa experiencing life here, since this is their first summer with us. They are having a blast being energetic young tigers exploring the water and their large habitats. Elsa spends time in a tub just splashing away. India is fascinated with the waterspout in his pool. These animals who once suffered at the hands of humans are now safe and will never have to worry about anything ever again.”

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