The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue Team is on the ground providing disaster relief efforts for Horry County, South Carolina, pets and residents in the wake of severe flooding following Hurricane Matthew after local agencies requested our assistance.

  • The HSUS is conducting swiftwater search and rescue efforts in the county.
    • On Oct. 11, HSUS responders rescued more than a dozen animals from flood waters. Responders saved one dog and three cats from an almost-fully submerged school bus. Read the first-hand account from an HSUS responder here (PDF).
    • Search and rescue efforts are ongoing to assist other families in need
  • The HSUS is transporting 60 dogs from Horry County Animal Care Center to Emergency Placement Partners in Pennsylvania and Ohio, where they will be available for adoption. The HSUS provides financial assistance to the EPPs taking in animals to help with initial costs. The following are EPPs involved in this effort:
    • Pennsylvania: Humane Society of Greater Harrisburg, Rescue our Furry Friends, Western Pennsylvania Humane Society
    • Ohio: Cleveland Animal Protective League, SPCA Cincinnati, Wood County Humane Society

The HSUS is poised for ongoing assistance upon request in South Carolina following the storm.

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