The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person responsible for cruelly and repeatedly stabbing a dog in Bay County, Michigan.

The case: The Bay County Animal Shelter gave the following account: On Tuesday, Dec. 15, a local animal shelter volunteer found a white pit bull-type male dog on the side of the road. The dog appeared to have been attacked. The dog was immediately transported to a veterinarian who discovered he had multiple stab wounds—both fresh and old wounds—all over his body. The dog, named “Tank” by the shelter, required multiple surgeries and extensive treatment. Tank is now continuing his recovery in a foster home.

“The egregious and intentional violence inflicted on this animal is unconscionable. We are hopeful that this reward encourages anyone with information about this terrible crime to come forward so that the abuser can be brought to justice,” said Molly Tamulevich, Michigan state director for the Humane Society of the United States.  

The investigators: Bay County Animal Services investigating this case. The penalty for this act is considered a felony, punishable by serving jail time, a sizable fine or both.

“No animal should have to endure the injuries that this dog was subjected to. The investigation is ongoing and we need the public’s help to identify the person who did this so we can help ensure that this doesn’t happen again,” said Craig Goulet of Bay County Animal Services.

Anyone with information about this crime of animal cruelty is asked to call Bay County Animal Services at 989-894-0679.

Animal cruelty: Securing the serious attention and engagement of law enforcement, prosecutors and residents in cases involving allegations of cruelty to animals is an essential step in protecting the whole community. The connection between animal cruelty and human violence is well documented. Studies show a correlation between animal cruelty and many other crimes, from narcotics and firearms violations to battery and sexual assault.

Resources: The Humane Society of the United States raises public awareness and educates communities about the connection between animal cruelty and human violence while providing a variety of resources and support to law enforcement agencies, social work professionals, educators, legislators and families. We offer rewards in animal cruelty cases across the country and works to strengthen laws against animal cruelty.

The Humane Society of the United States doubled its standard cruelty reward from $2,500 to $5,000 thanks to a generous donation from a board member. Learn more about statistics, trends, laws and animal cruelty categories.

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