The cataclysmic impact of Australia’s ravenous fires on hundreds of millions of wild animals there is heartbreaking to me. I’ve been to Kangaroo Island on behalf of Humane Society International, have seen Australia’s beautiful wild spaces and have long advocated for the protection of some of the very species⁠—kangaroos, koalas, dingos, possums, emus and more⁠—whose populations have been devastated. It’s extremely dangerous there, but even as the fires continue to burn, we’ve mobilized in partnership with Humane Society International/Australia to provide urgent response efforts. Members of our HSI global disaster response team are on the ground in Australia now to provide direct relief and to coordinate immediate aid, and you can see field reports, images and videos concerning their efforts here.

Rescued kanagaroo wrapped in a towel, saved from Australia wildfires
Evan Quartermain

We’re also preparing for a role in long-term recovery efforts, including the building out of infrastructure to support disaster response, animal care and stronger climate resilience policies on the Australian continent.  

For decades, we’ve sent field responders and financial support whenever and wherever disaster strikes, to help animals and the people who care about them, to provide immediate support and relief and to set the stage for reconstruction and recovery for the future. With climate change and other factors increasing the risk and severity of disaster and emergencies, we’re doing all we can to strengthen animal welfare capacity around the world, and to do our part in enhanced response.