This statement was updated on 5/21/9

Kitty Block, CEO and president of the Humane Society of the United States, has released the following statement regarding the events which occurred this past weekend involving horseracing:

"There’s too much heartbreak on the nation’s racetracks. The Humane Society of the United States has consistently called for critical reforms in the racing industry to protect the welfare of its equine competitors.  Preventable deaths and injuries are too common and it’s time to take action through passage of the Horseracing Integrity Act , H.R.1754   While all eyes were focused on Maryland’s Pimlico Racecourse in anticipation of the Preakness last weekend, there was a death during a race  last Friday at Pimlico, and on the same day on the other side of the country Santa Anita saw its 24th. On Monday, a horse was euthanized due to an injury he suffered while racing at Santa Anita on Sunday. These incidents are not isolated and will recur until industry reforms and regulations are implemented and enforced.  On one important welfare issue, we’ve joined with leaders in the racing industry and lawmakers to establish a uniform set of rules, testing procedures and penalties to rid racing of unethical drugging and doping of horses via the Horseracing Integrity Act H.R.1754"

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