With the support of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association, and in conjunction with various Ohio sheriffs’ offices and police departments, the Humane Society of the United States is launching a week of day-long training seminars throughout the state. The free trainings run from February 26 to March 2.

An Ohio law enforcement officer with 25 years of service to the Buckeye state will provide officers with the tools for investigating and prosecuting illegal animal cruelty and fighting cases, and will show how these crimes relate to other violent offenses, including domestic/child abuse, gang activity, drugs and other crimes.

Mark Kumpf, president of the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association, says, “Our motto is ‘Striving to be man’s and dog’s best friend.’ This training serves both humans and animals by ensuring that our Ohio law enforcement partners receive professional education offered by the HSUS’ nationally recognized Humane State law enforcement training program.”

The HSUS’ Ohio state director and Ohio native Corey Roscoe says, “We are pleased to collaborate with statewide organizations like the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association to provide resources for law enforcement officers in the state. These trainings aim to support their efforts to respond to incidents of animal neglect and abuse and to drive up enforcement of our state’s animal cruelty laws.”

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